Paris Photo, 2023

Group Show

FEATURING: Elman Mansimov, Roope Rainisto, Laurie Simmons, Simon Raion, Alkan Avcıoğlu, Yatreda, Joel Meyerowitz.
FEATURING: Elman Mansimov, Roope Rainisto, Laurie Simmons, Simon Raion, Alkan Avcıoğlu, Yatreda, Joel Meyerowitz.
FEATURING: Elman Mansimov, Roope Rainisto, Laurie Simmons, Simon Raion, Alkan Avcıoğlu, Yatreda, Joel Meyerowitz.
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Paris Photo 2023Roope Rainisto, Auto Dream no.3, 2023. Selected as a J.P. Morgan Curators' Highlight at Paris Photo 2023

Fellowship is thrilled to present a selection of groundbreaking works that redefine the boundaries of photography, video, and AI. This year, the exhibition prominently features esteemed photographers who have embraced innovation, merging tradition with the transformative power of technology.











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Paris Photo, 2023


Louise Alexander Gallery & Fellowship, 8-12 November 2023, Booth E10

Fellowship connects the past and present to help shape the future of art.

Art is the soul’s conversation with time, a dialogue that spans thousands of years and captures the essence of humanity. By connecting the lineage of art’s rich history, and breaking down the barriers between the traditional and the new, we’re paving the way for an inspiring and vibrant future.


Harnessing the power of blockchain technology to bring the art canon to a new generation of collectors, this new digital frontier has allowed Fellowship to showcase and contextualise more work than ever before, ensuring outstanding artists of the past continue to influence and shape the art of today and tomorrow.

Estates we’ve supported include Guy Bourdin, László Moholy-Nagy and August Sander.


Amplifying today’s artistic voices, Fellowship creates digital editions of work with a rich print history and champions emerging digitally native talent, inviting global audiences to immerse themselves in the transformative medium of photography.

Contemporary artists we’ve supported include Eman Ali, Dmitri Cherniak, Gregory Crewdson, Mitch Epstein, Jim Goldberg, Katy Grannan, Pieter Hugo, Joel Meyerowitz, Cristina de Middel, Prisca Munkeni Monnier, Joel Sternfeld, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Laurie Simmons, Hank Willis Thomas, Alex Webb and Yatreda.


Fellowship recognises and embraces the transformative power of AI in the art world. Ushering in a collaborative era between humans and machines, we ensure that art remains a dynamic force in our culture and embraces best practices in this technological revolution.

AI artists we’ve supported include Irina Angles, Alkan Avcıoğlu, Charlie Engman, Dr Formalyst, Jacqui Kennedy, Elman Mansimov, Frank Manzano, Niceaunties, PUBLIKFRUIT, Katie Morris, Roope Rainisto and Simon Raion.

Exhibited artists

Elman Mansimov’s “alignDRAW” collection showcases the first ever text-to-image artworks using groundbreaking AI technology. These unique pieces capture the essence of their prompts in thought-provoking ways, offering a glimpse into the intersection of art and technology.

“When we look at the initial low-resolution and hazy images from nearly two centuries ago, we see the whole future potential of photography, which eventually became the dominating imaging and communication technology of our time. And when I look at comparable low-resolution alignDRAW pictures, I see a similar promise for a new major visual method that could very soon become as essential as lens photography was in the last two hundred years.”

Dr. Lev Manovich

Works Exhibited:
8-12 NOV 2023


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